The Beech Hut

The Beech Hut is one of the original wooden huts built by the Grith Pioneers. It has had the addition of a simple outdoor toilet, but otherwise remains very basic – a simple single room with bench seating along two walls, solar powered lighting, no heating, electricity or water. Drinking water can be obtained from the hostel outdoor tap. There is a fire pit also available for use in the Centre grounds. The hire cost is £20 per day (10am until 4pm). Think ‘beach hut’ but in the woodland instead of by the sea!

The Beech Hut is a great base for a day in the woods and is suitable for a wide range of uses including:

  • families and friends meeting up for the day in the woods.
  • workshop activities – for example crafting activities and creative therapies.
  • groups hiring the hostel who would like additional space.
  • school and youth groups.
  • forest based training activities.
  • any groups using the woodland for the day!

The Woodland Hut is a great additional space for groups who have booked the hostel to include in their booking – often used as a ‘break away space’ by organisations using the hostel for training, education and workshops.

Use of the Woodland Hut includes a fire pit that is situated at the base of Shining Cliff crag. The fire pit area is approximately 10 metres along the footpath from the Woodland Hut and has a large uneven step up to the fire-pit area.