Please note: Although I am updating these photos as I go along, the hostel is slowly being repainted and curtains being replaced. So if you notice odd patches of paint, or curtains looking tired, it is a work in progress!

Hostel approach in late springtime. Note Shining Cliff almost touching the left hand side of the hostel.
Lounge area
Bedroom 1 (4 beds)
Bedroom 2 (6 beds)
Bedroom 3 (6 beds)
Bedroom 4 (2 beds)
Bedroom 5 (2 beds)
Open plan kitchen/diner
Dining area (with additional tables to create seating for 20)
Kitchen with woodland view in the winter.
Bathroom 1 – each one has a sink, composting toilet and shower.
The footpath to the hostel from the car park, spring time.
The larger fire pit area
Picnic area outside hostel.